5 Tips to Create the Summer
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Without the pressure of trying to
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Growing Emotional Health

Take radical responsibility for how you feel,

and create the life you want.


What is
Emotional Health?

We all know physical health requires eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water, and getting regular exercise. What does it mean to be emotionally healthy? We don't have emotional health courses in high school, or textbooks that tell us what to do with anger, anxiety or jealousy. 

Emotional health is a willingness to experience all the emotions - the positive and negative ones - and be able to recognize them, process them, and manage them. It's taking radical responsibility for how you feel, what you do and what you're creating in your life.

I help you develop the skills of emotional health in private, one on one coaching sessions. I go deep. I explore your current situations and future goals. I show you what's currently holding you back. And I help you develop the emotional strength to accomplish anything you set your mind to.  

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Areas of Focus

Your level of emotional health affects you, your relationships, and your future.


Healthy Self-Confidence

Your progress towards emotional health begins with healthy beliefs about yourself. You may struggle with guilt or shame or overwhelm. You may have patterns of negative self-talk and not realize how frequently they occur. I've been there too. I offer tools that conquer shame and overwhelm, and help you believe in your power and potential.

Healthy Relationships

Connecting with others is a human need. And yet, we can feel frustrated, angry, or resentful when we think of some of our favorite people. I help you unravel your complex or strained relationships, learn what to do with difficult people, and master the tools to create the kind of relationships you really want.


Healthy Future

We all make goals, strive to reach them, and then sometimes fall short. Did you know that creating the future you want is directly tied to your emotional health? I can show you how to use your emotions to create the future of your dreams.


Listen to the
New Podcast!

Do you like podcasts but find yourself listening on 2x speed to get through them quicker? I know exactly how you feel. 

7 Minute Sunshine is the short and sweet podcast for learning Life Coaching tools to strengthen your emotional health, take radical responsibility for your life, and reach your goals. All in the time it takes to fold a load of laundry.