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5 Things Every Mother Raising Men Needs to Know

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Mothering Men

Mothering men, whether they're six or sixteen or twenty-six, is your passion. You're a teacher, coach, mentor. But you might second-guess your parenting. You might be overwhelmed. You might worry about the choices he makes, and feel somewhat responsible. You might wonder how to balance teaching him, and giving him more independence.

You're in the right place.

You can create confidence and connection as you mother your men. It's 100% possible, and I can show you how.



Just like a soccer coach has a different perspective than players on the field, a life coach helps you analyze what is happening in your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral life. When we work together, you can develop confidence in your innate parenting power, and learn how to create the lasting mother/son relationships you truly want.​​


We'll work together once a week in six, 50-minute individualized sessions. We’ll talk, and get curious, and learn. You'll walk away with tools that can transform how you connect with your son, and how to ignite your innate parenting power. These are not "how-to" sessions. I don't have a parenting manual (wouldn't that be nice). It's individualized coaching, based on your personal goals, your parenting goals, and your relationship goals. It’s transformative, not informative. It’s about becoming, not just changing.

Mother and Son


Click the link to schedule your free introductory session. I'll share all the info you need. And you can ask all your questions. 

Connecting with a coach helps you create lasting connections with the people you love most.  


Listen to the
New Podcast!

Do you like podcasts but find yourself listening on 2x speed to get through them quicker? I know exactly how you feel. 

7 Minute Sunshine is short and sweet! It helps you 

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All in the time it takes to fold a load of laundry.

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